Regional Court, Hamm 2015 / Convent Rein, Styria 2013

The contentual dimension of the project Hidden – Verbo(r)gen presents the themes of hope and future with subtlety and simplicity. Looking behind the façade, a whole cosmos of questions, trepidations, and reflections opens up at once. With painting and multimedia accompaniment, Oskar Stocker asks timely and critical questions through these children’s portraits. Children stand for the future and for life. And it is this future that Oskar Stocker questions artistically. He puts it up for discussion. This debate is charged especially by the respective spaces in which the works are displayed.
Rein Abbey, with its lavish Baroque aesthetic, affects the paintings in a different way than the rather cold and sober entrance area of the Higher Regional Court in Hamm.
These portraits show the specific life stories of children.